Personal Trimmers

Hair, always growing, too fast and often in unwanted places! Enter a trimmer for hair, but what is a trimmer? It’s any device that reduces unwanted or untidy hair. Most have heard of beard and moustache trimmers, but there is another trimmer, the personal trimmer...a.k.a. the nose trimmer or ear trimmer.


    • Philips
    • TT2040
    • Philips TT2040 Bodygroom Ultimate Trimmer 1 LED
    • $ 79.99
      $ 69.99
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    • Wahl
    • 3266
    • Wahl 3266 Trimmer Kit All-in-One Li-ion
    • $ 59.99
      $ 45.99
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    • Philips
    • BG2036/32
    • Philips BG2036/32 Aquatec Bodygroom Personal Trimmer
    • $ 59.99
      $ 44.99
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    • Philips
    • QG3374/16
    • Philips QG3374/16 Multigroom Series 5000 Grooming Kit - Face/Hair
    • $ 99.99
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Hair, Neck, Nose, Ear, Mustache and Bikini Trimmer

Mother Nature has a quirky habit of causing hair loss (balding) but increasing hair growth in places like the nose and ears. Fear not, to the rescue.

Using a personal trimmer is safer than a pair of scissors. Models with rotary blades are super safe, no chance of nicking skin inside the nose or ear whereas linear blades are great for surface trimming. Some come with a linear and a rotary blade, the Alpha features a rotary and a trimmer blade great for neck and sideburn detailing. Philips and Remington have models with trimming combs perfect for eyebrow grooming; remove the comb for facial hair and bikini line trimming.

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